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Advance Your Blogging Proficiency With Shopify

February 22 2021 , Written by Mobile App Development Services Published on #Application migration services, #Software Development Professionals, #developer, #ios application development, #web developer, #shopify, #shopify development

Initially, there used to be a controversial view on blogging, whether or not it is useful & should be adopted regardless of the size of the business. This suspicion has been clearly blown away as a result of the popularity gained by innumerable bloggers In every domain. Blogging is now the need of the hour to drive traffic to your website, increase your online presence in terms of SEO ranking & develop better customer relationships that are at par with the industry competitors. With a bunch of platforms available at your disposal, it is hard to make a choice which one to use for your blogging competence. Shopify undoubtedly is the ideal & smart choice.

Every single day more than 2.8 million blog posts are written & published. To leave your mark in the densely populated marketing crowd integrate your blogging with your e-commerce store on Shopify. Shopify e-commerce is a fairly easy, quick & free tool for your blogging needs with all the basic features like inserting images & videos, visual editor, automatic SEO for the title & description, ability to schedule future posts, comments, tags & much more. Blog posts can be in the form of announcements, products & services, upcoming events, articles, etc. that reinforces your brand identity.

It is an intelligent choice to use Shopify for blogging as it gives a cohesive feel between your shop & your blog and also makes the management & maintenance of content seamless with one admin tool. Shopify app development enables you to have multiple blogs in your store that actually facilitates categorizing them as per the topics. The Manage blogs button offers the functionality to edit the blogs, set a name & description as well as manage comments which is integral to brand survival & image.

“The customer’s perception is your reality.” – Kate Zabriskie

In the digital era, comments play a significant role in influencing a brand identity. Ask yourself what do you search for when you plan on working with a new brand or in the simplest instance of online shopping? All of us look for customer reviews and comments. Similarly, when a blog has published the comments on it can offer a positive outlook & at the same time tarnish your identity to the prospective readers. In a world where direct interaction with customers is rare due to the busy life, comments can offer valuable data to learn what your customers like, what they are searching for & their feedback. Turn your customers into your advocates by establishing brand loyalty.

The comments section offers the customers to interact too, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a positive experience always. Some disputed subjects can get negative responses, also some comments might have irrelevant content & outbound links that could be harmful if clicked. To avoid this abuse, you can choose ‘allow comments after moderation’ under the Manage comments button to filter the visible comments on your page accordingly. Pace up your Shopify store to exhibit your blogging expertise.

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